All 6 Lost Tapes Location in Goat Simulator 3 | Certified Fresh Trophy

Goat Simulator 3 offers a host of new quests and collectibles to keep players engaged, including finding lost cassettes. One such quest available after unlocking the Goatenberg region is The Lost Tapes. The mission revolves around finding a single movie tape to play at the theatre but there are several tapes scattered across the maps. Here you can find all 6 lost tapes in Goat Simulator 3 and win the Certified Fresh trophy.

#1 Horror Movie Tape

This lost tape is located on the rooftop of the movie theater. To reach the top of the building, use the air vent on the left side of the building.

#2 Love Movie Tape

Go to the right side of the cinema building and follow the wall until you see a wooden plank. Across that wooden plank, you’ll find a lost tape.

#3 Reinfaus – A Bag’s Beginning Movie Tape

The third tape is on the top of the building to the right of the Police Station in the Downtown area. You can reach the top of that building by grinding on the wire that connects it to the top. On top of the building, you’ll notice a billboard for Reinfaus: A Bag’s Beginning. The tape is sitting in front of it.

#4 Where the Heck is Steve? Tape

Another tape can be found downtown area, this one in a small shop with a slopped roof opposite the police station.

#5 Co-Living with a Goat – EP 01 Tape

You can find this tape inside a radiation-affected house in the Suburbsville region. It’s located directly east of the Pool Party location. Inside the building, you’ll see a living area with the tape laying next to a person doing push-up exercises.

#6 The Destroyer Tape

The final tape is also located in Suburbsville. The tape is on the top of a park bench next to the path.

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