Hogwarts Legacy walkthrough: How to complete Follow the Butterflies side quest

This article is a walkthrough on how to complete all the objective of the side quest ”Follow the Butterflies” in the game Hogwarts legacy.


Quest LevelLevel 5  
RewardsFlower box item
Quest GiverClementine Willardsey

Starting Location

Head to Hogsmeade and speak with Clementine Willardsey. You can find her inside Three Broomsticks, where she will mention about a swarm of butterflies in Forbidden Forest and direct players to the Forest.

Talk to Clementine Willardsey

Clementine Willardsey will tell you about a swarm of butterflies in Forbidden Forest and direct players to the Forest.

Find the butterflies in the Forbidden Forest

Head to the location marked on the map in Forbidden Forest.

These butterflies only appear on the Minimap when you are close to them, but they do not remain marked after that. Once you found a swarm of butterflies in the forest, start following the butterfly

Follow the Butterfly Swarm until they come to a spot then cast Revelio to reveal a chest, which you must open to complete that Butterfly Location.  There is no tracking system to see which ones you have left or completed, but the butterflies do not respawn once their chest has been collected.

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