Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4: Week 3 Quests

Each week, Fortnite has another set of bonus quests to complete, each awarding the player 20K XP on completion. Here’s the list of quests for available in week 3 – Chapter 3, Season 4.

Note: Gold Bars, Driftwood landing, etc. have a hidden requirement where you must finish Week 1 and Week 2 quests first. Therefore, if you are unsure of why some quests are not concluding, you should accomplish the quests from weeks 1 and 2 before moving on to week three’s quests.

#1 Deal damage to opponents with a Marksman Rifle from at least 75m away (0/150). Use Cobra DMR for this quest, as it’s highly accurate at long-range. 

#2 Land at The Driftwood (0/1) – Driftwood is the pirate ship that is moving around the map.

#3 Collect Gold Bars in a single match (0/100)

#4 Open a Holo-Chest with a Key at a gas station (0/1)

#5 Deal damage to Supply Llamas (0/500)

#6 Visit the Reality Tree and Herald’s Sanctum in a single match (0/2)

#7 Gain shields from Jellyfish, Shield Fish, or Slurp Fish (0/200)

#8 Deal damage to opponents with SMGs or Assault Rifles (0/1000)

#9 Spend bars in a single match (0/100)

#10 Destroy Chrome structures (100)

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