Honkai Star Rail : Xianzhou Trading quest.

You can follow the instructions in the guide below to complete the Trading quest on Zianzhou in the Honkai Star Rail.

Step 1 – Talk to Jeweler’s Pagoda Owner to obtain the dirty mechanical part

You must first locate the dirty mechanical part. The shopkeeper at Jewellers Pagoda will sell it to you. You can trade it for anything important from the young man, according to the pawnbroker Handian, who will tell you that.

Step 2 – Trade the dirty mechanical part to the frowning young man in return for an old time box.

So, provide the young man with the dirty mechanical part. It turns out that his father’s factory is where this tiny component comes from. He is thankful for what you got him even if it is not the one he was seeking for and gives you an old tin box in exchange that he is unable to open.

Step 3 – Trade Old Tin Box to Sad Woman.

So, after trading the old mechanical part with the old tin box, you must find the sad woman in the ‘Spare time book shop’. Give the old tin box to the sad woman. Her old memories are in the box, and as a token of appreciation, she will offer you the Jar of Dragonic Tears.

Step 4 – Trade Bottle of Draconic Tears to Howard.

Take a bottle of Draconian Tears to Howard as the final step. This is a visitor from abroad who is curious in the way of life here and will gladly accept Draconic Tears.

Reward : 10 Stellar Jade, 10 Strale, and 5,000 Credits as payment for finishing the quest.

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