Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Jirutagumac Shrine (A Flying Device) location and walkthrough

Jirutagumac Shrine (A Flying Device) in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is one of 152 shrines in TOTK , it is situated in the Lanayru Sky region inside a rotating sphere or orb in the Lanayru Sky archipelago.By the time you arrive at this site, you will be well-versed in the use of flying device, even if that flying device is occasionally just a paraglider. Jirutagumac Shrine’s puzzle involves flying device. The TotK Jirutagumac shrine tour , location, puzzle answers, and treasure chest locations are all included in this guide.

Jirutagumac shrine Location

Launch into the air from the Upland Zorana Skyview Tower. You will find a sphere with Jirutagumac Shrine inside it below.Find the rotating hole in the shrine’s side by paragliding around it. Set the Shrine pad to active.

Step inside to understand why: The wheel handles have a fan that rotates the sphere’s shell. If you take this out, you can use the wheel to manually position the opening. Place the opening at this height from the ground. If you depart the sphere through the opening and parachute back through to the lower level, you will be able to descend to the chest underneath the sphere’s floor. There is a Sage’s Will in this chest.Now ascend to the shrine level through the metal grating.

Coordinates are : 2911, 0525 , 0929

Jirutagumac shrine walkthrough

When you enter, you’ll see two wings in front of a gap right away. The green-blue trail of wisps that marks your destination can be seen in the distance at the opposite end. You have to figure out how to fly across the gap.

Using Ultrahand, take a Wing Zonai device and set it in the middle of the leftmost incline.

Riding the device fast and staying in the middle will ensure that it glides directly to the lower platform on the opposite side of the room as it slowly gains speed from the incline.

Grab one wheeled cart and position it vertically on the floor once you’ve landed on the left platform. Once that is done, take the Wing Zonai device and fasten it to the wheeled cart.

Ride to the next platform.You can ride the wheeled Wing Zonai device as it glides towards the larger platform on the other side by placing it on the slope.

While you’re on the appropriate platform, take a moment to grab the treasure chest. Pick up the wing and place it precisely where you see it below to create a bridge. Don’t drop it because if you do you’ll have to go back and start again on the ladder.

After that, you can lean it against the wall and ascend to the chest, which has a large zonaite.

Walk down a ramp that leads to the other side of the area, attach a fan to the Wing’s back using Ultrahand, and wait for a wheeled cart to fall. As soon as the ability highlight turns green, grab a wheeled Zonai Device out of the air and attach it to the underside of the Wing Device. There should be a steady stream of them dropping down the ledge within Ultrahand’s reach.

It will go away in the direction of the distance. To move it left or right, step on the wings on either side. Avoid walking on the nose because it may sink.When your flight is over, either jump out of the plane or drop it into the runway. Out of the shrine

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