Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Bamitok Shrine Location and Walkthrough.

One of the few Rauru’s Blessing shrines in the game is the Bamitok Shrine, which is located within The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s East Necluda region. Due to the fact that players must solve puzzles outside the shrine, these shrines provide a unique experience. To find this secret shrine, the players must delve deep inside Mount Dunsel Cave. This guide below will help you to solve the puzzles and find this hidden shrine.

How to get to the Mount Dunsel Cave

At the coordinates (3314, -3384, 0066), Mount Dunsel Cave is located in the East Necluda region approximately north of Lurelin Village ( Refer to the images down below). If you have the teleport waypoint for the Kumamayn Shrine, you can glide down to the cave’s entrance from above, or you can scale the mountain from the Sifumim Shrine. There is a lake surrounding the cave entrance, so you can either construct a boat or gently swim across it.

How to find the Bamitok Shrine

  • After arriving at the mount dunsel cave, the players are required to find the hidden bamitok shrine. To find the shrine, proceed deep into the cave to find a bokoblin and a chest blocked off by vines.
  • Defeat the Bokoblin and swing your sword to defeat him.

After defeating the bokoblin, continue further into the caves.

Continue exploring the cave to locate a wooden pallet and a wooden box on your right and a raised ledge with water underneath it on your left.

Now Take out the Stalkoblin by gliding across to the right side of the room. With Ultrahand, pick up the wooden pallet and set it on the water beneath the raised ledge. To get to the ledge’s top, use ascend. ( Refer to the images down below)

Two Rock Likes are hanging from the ceiling if you turn to your right. Either you can defeat them and take their loot or you can simply run past them up the steep slope.

Once you’ve passed the Rock Likes, keep going up the hill until you reach the Bamitok Shrine.

Now, activate the shrine and enter it to find a chest which contains a big battery, ( Refer to the images down below).

Complete the shrine to receive the reward which is the ‘Light of Blessing’.

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