Zelda : Tears of the Kingdom – Igoshon Shrine (orbs of water) walkthrough

Igoshon Shrine (Orbs of Water) is one of the 152 shrines in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and is situated on Wellspring Island in the Lanayru Sky Region. The Igoshon shrine location walkthrough, puzzle answers, and treasure chest locations are all included in this guide. It also explains how to find the shrine and how to access it.

Igoshon shrine Location :

Players will travel to the Lanayru Great Spring Sky region as part of the Regional Phenomena main story quest’s Zora-themed phase, where they will find the Igoshon Shrine. East of Upland Zorana Skyview Tower is where you’ll find Igoshon Shrine on Wellspring Island. The Igoshon Shrine’s location should be obvious to players as they move towards the Water Temple, When trying to reach the temple on the sky islands, Link’s Zora Armour can be used to climb waterfalls . its coordinates are 3480, 0667, and 1325

Igoshon shrine solution

You have to float inside huge water orbs to move through the Igoshon Shrine’s various levels. Upon entering an orb, you will be suspended in the water and can utilise it to float until the orb reaches its target and explodes.

At the base of the ledge, enter the bubble coming from the floor ( marked with an arrow in the given screenshot) ahead. When you are high enough to reach the next ledge, jump out of the bubble and dash out with X

Then, to their left, a chest with a Large Zonai Charge inside will keep descending continuously. use Recall on the surrounding bubble so that the chest falls inside of it, however with the correct timing, players may just grab the chest out of the air with Link’s Ultrahand ability.

An orb of water descending from above may be seen on the right. Jump into the orb by using Recall ability on it to move back up its route. Take the next orb that crosses the platform and land in it to proceed to the next shrine segment.

You are currently on the third level of Igoshon Shrine, which is made up of two platforms that are far apart from one another. When the water orb emerges from the generator, step in its path, and it will carry you across the gap. When the orb begins to flash green, get out immediately since it means it is about to explode.

Construction of a Ramp to Lead the Water Orb to the Altar

There will be a big stone block and a metal panel near the next platform. With Ultrahand ability, move the cement block so it is directly in front of the altar from the other side of the platform.

Then, position the metal panel on the stone block in a ramp position to make the fired water orbs’ trajectory in the direction of the altar.

Get inside one of the flaming water orbs when you see them moving in the direction of the altar and stay there until you get there. proceed and finish the Igoshon Shrine.

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