Shrine of Tajikats in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: A Walkthrough

This page contains a guide for how to locate and enter the shrine, a walkthrough for the shrine itself, and puzzle solutions as well as treasure chest locations for the TotK Tajikats shrine.

Location and Access

In Central Hyrule, Tajikats Shrine is located on the Hylia River’s bank. It is next to the Riverside Stable, which serves as the warp point for the stable and is south and a little east of Lookout Landing.

The Complete Guide with Puzzle Solutions

There is a ledge and a log in the first room. Press L to choose Ultrahand, then press L once again to aim at the log and take it. Hold R while still holding the log in the air. Turn the log so it is facing away from you, then search the upper portion of the ledge for a green shadow. Drop the log to make a sloped uphill walkway.

A sizable pool, two logs, and a pyramid-shaped structure with a gap may all be found in the second room. You will need two logs stock together for this. Lay one log next to the other, apply Ultrahand to it, and then connect the two with A.

You may drop these two logs from a height or rotate them to a more accommodating angle, so pick them up and build a bridge just where the structure’s point is. Just make sure to line up where they will land using the green shadows.

The section after that has a ledge and a watery gap. This time, the water’s strong current is pulling you back. The previous two logs are required for this. Bring them over to the new location, then arrange three pairs of logs there as you did before. Next, connect every pair end to end.

You will end up with a bridge constructed of three pairs of logs, or six logs altogether, that is three logs long. Run across and throw it over the chasm. You must construct a boat out of fans and logs to cross a large pool to reach the exit and a treasure trove.

To create a raft, join three logs together so that they are side by side. Install the two fans as shown on either side of the back, being careful to place them equally to prevent the boat from turning. Set the fans so that the blades are facing backwards and the air is being forced away from the boat’s front.

Where is the treasure chest?

There is a chest on a small island to the left; don’t head straight towards the door! Turn left when facing the exit, then look for a boat landing ramp up against a wall. In this position, launch your craft, aiming it at the left wall so that it will follow it to the chest island. Get on the boat and use a weapon to whack the fans, turning them on. This should lead you to the island, where a Spiky Shield can be found.

Here, you can swim quickly against the stream to reach the exit. You can return to your boat and try again if you’re unable to make it; it will be pushed back to the landing. But rest assured, even at your starting stamina level, you can complete this swim!

You’ve completed the shrine and obtained a Light of Blessing!

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