Shrine of Susuyai in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: A Walkthrough

For the TotK Susuyai shrine, this page includes directions for finding and entering the shrine, a walkthrough of the shrine, answers to puzzles, and locations of hidden treasure chests.

Location & Guide to Susuyai Shrine

Southwest of Lookout Landing and the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower in Central Hyrule’s Passeri Greenbelt, you can find the Susuyai Shrine on the ground in plain sight.

Guide to Susuyai Shrine and Puzzle Solutions

The basic “highway” in this temple contains three lanes of fast traffic; just like real cars, these can damage you! Beware! Cross the road with caution.

Where is the treasure chest?

Grab the middle-lane car with your Ultrahand; it is home to the treasure chest. Aim it so that it hits the wall so that you can safely go to the top and access the chest to obtain Arrows x5.

Getting a car over the following revolving floor is your task. You could grab one off the road and put it on the revolving floor to accomplish this, but it might escape before you can board it. Do this: Drop a moving automobile up against a wall. By hitting one of the “tyres” with your weapon, you can now switch them off. To stop the car, you can fuse it to something else on the ground.

Put the stationary car on the revolving surface. To turn on all four, approach the vehicle from the front, smack one wheel, and then board.

Drive the automobile over and up.

A closed gate and a rotating wooden object are located here. The door can only be opened by the gadget when pressure is applied.

The door will open if you position an automobile in front of the device, turn on the engine, and let the car crash into it.

The platform is already free-hanging on the track and can be moved rather easily to the next region, which also has a long track, two wheels, and a hanging platform. Grab a wheel (don’t worry, they respawn if you drop them) and attach it to the front of the hanging device’s top so it attaches to the platform and the wheel touches the track to move it while you’re on it. Aim an arrow up at the wheel while standing on the platform to turn it on and start it moving. From that chest before, you ought to have gotten arrows.

Exit the shrine.

You’ve completed the shrine and obtained a Light of Blessing!

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