Rifle the Bodies WoW Quest

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In the Rifle the Bodies quest in Dragon Blight, players are supposed to find the moon rest gardens plans by looking for clues by rifling the corpse of the highborn. When you kill them, they turn into little black balls. How do you rifle then? Rifle is in the loot of the dead guys. Just find enough of corpse. You don’t have to kill the Dragonblight Mage Hunters. You’ll find bags in the loot and if you open them (right click) you get either grey trash or that quest item.


Find the Moonrest Gardens Plans and return them to the Image of Archmage Aethas Sunreaver at Agmar’s Hammer.


The Moonrest Gardens to the southwest were the final resting place of a group of Highborne elves. It was also a ley line nexus. The blue dragonflight used a magical device they call a surge needle to destroy that nexus, freeing the power to redirect at their will. I want more information and you are going to get it for me! After the land was destroyed at the ruins, the ghosts of the Highborne rose up and decimated half of the mage hunters there. Go rifle their corpses for clues.

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You will receive: 5 coins

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