How to Fast Travel on Coral Island

Coral Island is a life-simulator game that is released. Oct 11, 2022. As you explore more regions of the map, just like in any other game, moving around can get tedious and unpleasant. One of the most helpful aspects is the ability to move quickly. You may use this tutorial to unlock Fast Travel on Coral Island.

To unlock fast travel, you need to have the access to the Lake Temple, which is located on the northeast corner of the map. Refer to the image below for the Lake Temple location.

Next, you need to find a shallow area where you can cross the water to reach the Lake Temple. Head to the left side of the temple and cross the shallow water until the cutscene gets triggered. In the cutscene, a mysterious entity will also ask you to complete an offering at the altar.

You need to find any 5 of the following materials to complete the Essential Resources offers:

  • x10 Wood
  • x10 Stone
  • x10 Fiber
  • x10 Sap
  • x5 Oak Seed
  • x5 Maple Seed
  • x5 Pine Cone

After gaining access to fast travel, walk up to the fast travel shrine and click on it to open the map where you can select other fast travel points on the map.

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