How to Unlock Slime Bucket Ingredient in Wacky Wizards

Wacky Wizards has released another update for Halloween 2022. This time we have the return of the Ghosts Buster, and it says to help capture the ghost. This guide will assist you in locating a Slime Bucket Ingredient.

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Wacky Wizards: Slime Bucket Ingredient

Head over to the scare board again you’ll notice a Ghost Buster standing there. Talk to the Ghostbuster and he will say can you help as ghosts have invaded the oasis. He will give you an ingredient to kill the ghost if you ask him how to get rid of them. Besides the Ghost Buster, there are also four empty jars that you need to fill. 

Return to your cauldron and drop the ingredient he gave you into the cauldron to create a Ghostbuster Equipment Potion. Drink the potion to get ready to go ahead and capture ghosts

White Ghost

Behind the Scare Board, several white ghosts will start to spawn. An on-screen pop-up notification letting you know how many ghosts you need to catch will appear.

Green Ghost

Near the graveyard in Goblin Village

Red Ghost

Near Big Spider web

Yellow Ghost

Head over to the Pyramids

In all, you have to capture 5 ghosts of each color. Finally, head back to the Ghostbuster and deposit your Goo in the jars.

Ask the Ghostbuster if have you killed enough ghosts and he will reward you with an ingredient.

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