A Prisoner’s Desire Side Quest Guide in One Piece Odyssey

In this guide, we are going to be talking about the Prisoner’s Desire Side Quest in the game One Piece Odyssey. We will go over all of the items you need to collect through a series of following steps. So Let’s get started.

Head to the Marineford City Area and move all the way to the east side of town just next to the water fountain location. Once here you will find a chubby-looking guy that is the quest giver. Talk to him to start the quest.

Collect Repair Materials part 1/2

Head to the location as shown in the picture above. Once you get here, you will find a group of people all talking to each other. Talk to the highlighted NPC and then you will end up getting the Nails.

To find Repair Materials part 2/2

Head to the very south side of the map where you can find a wide opening filled with ruins of a previous town. Here next to the rubble, you’ll find a very tall woodworking guy that will give you the Ship Lumber that is required for finishing this quest.

After you collected both repair materials, you will need to go back to the NPC Quest Giver. He will now give you a new set of things that you’ll need to go around and find.

How to find Sailcloth Location

Head to the location where the arrow is marked on the map that is where a merchant will stay. Talk to the merchant to be able to get the Sailcloth from him. Just beware, there will be a battle that you’ll need to do first to be able to obtain it.

Finally, go back to the NPC Quest Giver and you have completed the quest Congratulations!

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