All 8 Golden Spatula in SpongeBob SquarePants The Cosmic Shake

This page will show you where to discover all of the Golden Spatula in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake.  You’ve come to the right place if you can’t find or looking to gather any of the Golden Spatulas!

1) Wild West Jellyfish Golden Spatula Location

Field Checkpoint: Riding School
After reaching the farm, look to your right to locate the golden spatula on a platform with three tiki heads stacked on top. Climb up the wooden platform on the side of the mountain wall to reach the Golden Spatula.

2) Karate Downtown Bikini Bottom Golden Spatula Location

Checkpoint: Back Alley
Golden Spatulas is available after learning karate kick in the blue truck. At this point, your main objective is to parkour across the roofs.

3) Pirate Goo Lagoon Golden Spatula Location

Checkpoint: Musical Mermaid
The Golden Spatula in this level is found where you perform the Mermaid Music mini-game. You’ll want to get on a tall pillar to the left of the shipwreck with the music game. From there, you can just follow the path of floating tiki boxes up to the landmass where the collectible is hidden.

4) Halloween Rock Bottom Golden Spatula Location

Checkpoint: Shadow Theater
The hidden spatula in Halloween Rock Bottom is found on a roof in the Shadow Theater area. Go back to the checkpoint right before the Shadow Theater. From there, make your way to the life-preserver bounce pads that will take you up and on top of a pipe. From your newly advantageous height, you can now double jump and glide over to the golden spatula.

5) Prehistoric Kelp Forest Golden Spatula Location

Checkpoint: Algae Jungle
This collectible is in the Algae Jungle area early on in the Prehistoric Kelp Forest. This one is visible from the critical path, at the part right before you use some bounce pads to cross some lava. Instead of following this path, look to your left to see the spatula resting on a life preserver pad. You can double jump and glide over to retrieve it.

6) Medieval Sulfur Fields Golden Spatula Location

Checkpoint: Meanderson River
Be on the lookout for this spatula when you get to the Meanderson River. Head up to the high rock ledge you can access, where there will be a combat arena. Now, look down and to your left and glide down from the log onto a ledge, then use the tiki block to cross the gap and grab this spatula.

7) Jelly Glove World Golden Spatula Location

Checkpoint: Tunnel of Glove
The Jelly Glove World Golden Spatula is found in the Tunnel of Love section of the stage. Go to the Tunnel of Love checkpoint and follow the path to your right. You’ll see a painting of Patrick and Spongebob that acts as a false wall. Attack it to reveal a hidden area where the spatula sits atop a stack of boxes.

8) Bikini Bottom Golden Spatula Location

The earliest you’ll be able to get this Golden Spatula is just after making it through Pirate Goo Lagoon. From this point on, every time you visit the Bikini Bottom hub, you can get this one. The collectible is hidden in a box on top of the cliffs across the street from Spongebob’s house. Jump up the platforms and break the box to get the final spatula.

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