All Collectibles Locations in From Dusk Till Dawn – Evil West

The First Spark is the 4th level of the game Evil West. This walkthrough will assist you in locating every collectible in level 4 – From Dusk Till Dawn.

#1 Bucks

Eliminate the first mobs you come across in the area. Then look for a man hanging on the big tree near the fence. Shoots the rope to drop the body and collect the money.

Dusk Till Dawn – Evil West

#2 Bucks

Jump over the highlighted fence to the right. Then blow up the TNT crates on the right to reveal a chest with bucks.

From Dusk Till Dawn
From Dusk Till Dawn Collectibles

#3 Bucks

Continue on the main path and pass the wooden gate. Pick up the ‘Overhealth’ container near the door. Go just behind the nearby crates to find bucks.

#4 Bucks

Continue with Mission 4, defeat the boss with the shield. Then look for another highlighted spot you can vault over. Shoots the rope to drop the hanging body and collect the money.

#5 Bucks

After reuniting with your party on the high ground, a short cutscene will play. Following the cutscene, there will be a glowing container near some bags on the left side.

#6 Bucks

Shoot another hanged man in the same area to get bucks.

#7 Bucks

Turnaround from the previous item (hanged man) in the same place and look for a highlighted chain on some wooden boards under the ramp. To gather the bucks, punch your way through the wooden boards to reach hidden storage under the ramp.

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