All Collectibles Locations in The Questionable Cargo – Evil West

The Questionable Cargo is the first level of the game Evil West. In this level, you must examine a mysterious train as Jesse Rentier, accompanied by Edgar Gravenor, in Questionable Cargo. This walkthrough will assist you in locating every collectible in level 1.

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(1) Bucks (66 Bucks)

After starting the first mission in Evil West, you’ll soon reach a spot where you must drop down using a chain. Turn around and you’ll see a cash bag next to a wall.

(2) Bucks (181 Bucks)

Proceed forward until you reach a site of some crashed wagons and a couple of enemies. Clear the area of all attackers and leap over the marked obstacle on the right. A red chest will be found next to a large rock. Collect 181 dollars from the chest.

(3) Bucks (21 Bucks)

Continue on the path until you find a wagon that you can enter using the highlighted chains. Instead of getting into the wagon, go the right path to find another bag containing bucks near a corpse.

(4) Fragment of Inventory

Enter the wagon using the highlighted chains to find the Fragment of Inventory

(5) Bucks (41 Bucks)

Exit the wagon and continue onto the main path. You’ll soon arrive at the entrance to a tunnel. Look on the left to find a cash bag on a crate.

(6) Bucks (47 Bucks)

Enter the tunnel to get into a larger area where you will learn how to use Hero Punch, Upper Cut, and Punch. After that, jump on the wooden bridge and turn right to find yet another bucks bag.

(7) Bucks (56 Bucks)

Continue on the path until you reach a giant enemy with a big nail in his head. After defeating the giant enemy, leap over the marked obstacle and turn to your right to find the cash bag on a box.

(8) Bucks (23 Bucks)

Continue along the main path until you reach an area where you must combat dozens of new enemies with the help of Edgar. Defeat all attackers and then jump on the wagon with the highlighted chain and cross the wooden plank to another wagon. Drop into the wagon hole to find a cash bag.

(9) Chester Morgan’s Letter

Next, continue on the main path until you reach an area where you will learn to sprint. Go to the second burning wagon on the right side to find the letter on a coffin next to a dead body.

(10) Bucks (52 Bucks)

Pass through the area where you learn to use the Rentier Revolver, then build a coffin bridge to cross the river. Then, ascend the highlighted chain ladder to learn the Uppercut and Revolver combo. Climb the ladder and proceed to find a glowing totem. Destroy it to find Bucks

(11) Bucks (60 Bucks)

From the previous location, turn right and crouch through the little entrance. You’ll discover some coffins near a tree and a Bucks to collect on the right.

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