Dead Island 2: How to Complete It Came From Monarch Studios

 Sarah Sheppard is looking for a friend that got lost somewhere in Monarch Studios. This article is a complete walkthrough of the It Came From Monarch Studios Side Quest in Dead Island 2.

Starting Locations

You can initiate the quest at the Blue Crab in Venice Beach. Speak with Sarah on the radio to hear more about the situation.

Beam down to Monarch Studios

Fast travel to Monarch Studios.  Interact with the map located to the left of the radio and select Monarch Studios to fast travel.

Interact with the map and select Monarch Studios to fast travel to.

Once you arrive at the Monarch station, proceed forward through a couple of areas until you reach the area where you need to kill a group of zombies. You may find Sarah atop the caravan.

Tell Sarah Sheppard that you come in peace

You can talk to Sarah on top of the caravan once all zombies have been eliminated from the petrol station. She arrives at Monarch Studios in search of her friend Sebastian but is unable to get through to him on the radio. The Space Fox robot toy Sebastian left with her is also making a lot of noise, which makes things worse.

Take DD-09 and explore Sound Stage 3 for signs of Sebastian

You can find DD-09 sitting in a black duffel in the middle of the gas station set. Sarah thinks Sound Stage 3 is the best place to start searching for Sebastian

Red Alert! DD-09 has spooked the zombies!

Once you enter the building with DD-09 the sounds will spook zombies and you will have to kill all zombies in this area, until DD-09 calms down and you can move on.

Take DD-09 along on your continuing mission to find Sebastian

Follow the objective marker eventually you will hear Sebastian call out and you will be given a new objective.

Reunite DD-09 with Sebastian

Head towards Sebastian with DD-09 and listen to Sebastian’s dialogue.

Defend Sebastian from the invading “body snatchers”

Clear the area of zombies

Return DD-09 to Sebastian

Place DD-09 on the table highlighted next to Sebastian.

Hail Sebastian on all frequencies

Talk to Sebastian after dropping DD-09 off, and listen to his dialogue to end the quest.

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