Dead Island 2 [REDACTED] Guide (Lost & Found Weapon Quest)

[Redacted] is a Lost & Found Quest that only becomes available once you’ve completed the main story missions. This article will instruct you on how to finish the Dead Island 2 quest “[REDACTED]” for Lost & Found Weapons.

Starting Point

To initiate the [REDACTED] Lost and Found mission, defeat and pick up a journal from Lt. Ford. You can find him in the west barracks of Venice Beach. However, access to the location is only granted after finishing the main story and some secondary tasks. In case Lt. Ford is not present, complete the 33 side quests and attempt again.

To begin this task, head to Venice Beach and enter the Military Zone. Go back to the location you had visited earlier in the story where the barracks are situated. The particular barracks you are searching for are in the southeast region, near the toilets, and feature a wooden door and bunk beds.

Follow the paper trail to a kick-ass [REDACTED]

The Journal mentions a priority asset in Container 78. Head northwest from the barracks along the beach to reach Container 75 and Container 78. Search for the Journal in the south corner, behind boxes.

The Journal refers to returning faulty equipment to an unspecified container, but specifically mentions Container 58 next to the Tower. Go northwest from Container 78 to find Container 58 straight ahead past the Tower. Defeat the zombies inside, including the Crusher, and obtain the final Journal.

The final Journal is an audio log of Delgado and Rodriguez discussing a delivery by Container 66. After getting the Journal, exit the Tower’s southwest side, go northwest past Container 63, and turn right to find Container 66 among a group of containers.

Enter Container 66, you’ll be able to find the stash there. Get the legendary assault rifle “Bodycount” by opening the stash.

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