Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to make Fiber and Rope

Fiber and Rope are two Refined Materials in Disney Dreamlight Valley that players will need for crafting a wide variety of things. Many broken items lying around also need rope and fiber to fix. How to make a rope and fiber is explained in this article.

Seaweed, a type of slimy, green sea algae, is the primary material used to make Fiber in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Players can access the sea via Dazzle Beach, a biome that becomes available once fans have completed Merlin’s quest “Friendship is Everything.” Fishing in regions without nodes will yield seaweed. You have a 50% chance of getting seaweed every time you cast your line in an area without a node. At a crafting station, players can use Red Algae to make Seaweed.

Once you have collected some seaweed, you can make fibers from it. Go to the crafting station and you will see fibers under the refined materials section. For each seaweed you use, you create five spools of fiber. Rope can also be found in the crafting menu’s material refinement section. You need eight spools of fiber to make a rope.

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