Explore The Atrium In Hogwarts Legacy | Mind Your Own Business PS Exclusive

This article will guide you through the objective “Explore The Atrium” in the sidequest “Minding your own Business” which is a PlayStation exclusive side quest in Hogwarts legacy. After the fight with Fastidio, return to the foyer to trigger a cut-scene. Now its time to explore the right side to Explore the Atrium

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Explore  The Atrium

Left Path

In this area you have to explore Atrium by finding lanterns and opening up doorways. Follow the given path to the left of the closed door.

Continue moving ahead along the corridor until you reach the dead end with a single mannequin standing. Destroy this mannequin and turn around to see the path blocked by a bunch more mannequins.

Destroy all the mannequin and then blast through newly appeared barricade door.

After you passed the barricaded door, grab the lamp from the left side and place it to the hand hook next to you. This will create a open a door across the gap and construct a wooden path up to the door.

On the other side, destroy the door with barricade door and pass through it. Cast accio spell to grab the lantern from the left side and place it to empty hand near you.

Blast the barricade across the gap to grab the lantern.

Turn around around and go the third door. Placing the lantern on the third hook at the far end of the area to create a path to cross the gap.

Keep moving forward where a fight against mannequins will start. Players will need to defeat multiple waves of mannequins until one of the doors opens up. After defeating all mannequins, proceed to the now-open door. You’ll find yourself in a dark corridor.

Cast Lumos, look for another open door, pass through to  chase a doorway as it moves away from you. Follow the given path and you will end up in a room with a chest.

Now retrack back to find the first of the lanterns needed to complete the Atrium section. Place this lantern near the closed door in the Atrium.

Right Path

Now go to the right side of the closed door and follow the given path. You will end up in a room where you have to lead another lantern to a hand.

Place the lantern on the hand hook to open a new path. Follow the given path until you reach a chess field. The chess board has few squares that starts breaking when they are stood upon. Cast Revelio to see the path. The squares to avoid will glow red, so you can continue until you reach the chamber with the fireplace.

Follow the path until you reach the same room you were in before the chess board. Grab the lamp and place it on hand again

Go through the newly open path and you will come across another lantern. Place the lantern on the hook near the double doorways. As soon as the double doors open, go down the stairs.

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