Genshin Impact: How To Search For The Lost Monument Fragments With Sorush’s Help (Monumental Study)

The “Monumental Study” world quest by Genshin Impact, introduced in patch 3.6, requires you to use a note to locate four Lost Monument Fragments. Finding their placements can be challenging, and it becomes even more challenging if you realise that each fragment is invisible. Thus guide will help you to discover where to find and how to obtain each of the Lost Monument Fragments.


Quest typeWorld
LocationGirdle of the Sands, Sumeru
RewardsItem 150 Adventure EXP, Item 25,000 Mora, Item  20 Primogem    
CharacterPaimon, Sorush, Traveler
RequirementMust have completed the inline quests in “Khvarena of Good and Evil”  
1) “Asipattravana Itihasa”  
2) “Awakening’s Real Sound”    
DescriptionThe note Sosi gave you marks the potential locations of the monument fragments. Because mere mortals often fail to discern its shape, you might need Sorush’s help retrieving the fragments

Starting location

This quest requires both Sorush unlocking and advancement in Khvarena of Good and Evil. To initiate the world quest, speak with Sosi (NPC) at a camp in the Temir Mountains. In the first part of this quest , Sosi will ask you to do two tasks. you must first look into the Fatui camp nearby , Since they are attempting to study the monument as well.

Investigate the fatui camp

when the conversation is finished, your mission marker will move to a location near a Fatui camp. Head to the location and speak with the fatui.

Defeat the members of the first camp and look for shining areas with notes. Read these notes to get the latest information on your quest to the next camp, which will be your next destination.

Teleport to the marked location and defeat the Fatui in the second camp, then read the notes to identify the third camp. When it comes to the second camp, the notes will be found inside the larger tent

You must now navigate to the main menu and select a time between 10:00 and 19:00.

After doing that , now go to the third camp using the teleport waypoint whose location is marked in the map. You’ll eventually need to search for footprints—which are more like luminous triangles—until you run into Markozov, a Fatui. Defeat him and his companions to move on to the next section.

After finishing your exploration of the Fatui Camps, you will arrive at the second stage of the “Monumental Study” world quest where you need to search four Lost Monument Fragments.

Location 1 ( Hills of Barsom)

The first Lost Monument Fragments is located at the hills of Barsom. Teleport to the location to find a gigantic tree. The first lost fragment is at the roots of the gigantic tree. Use Sorush to search for it upon entering the area. I have marked the fragment with an arrow in the below image

Location 2 ( Oasis of Vourukasha)

The second Lost Monument Fragments is located just south of Vourukasha Oasis teleport waypoint as marked below. Switch to Sorush to find the fragment in front of the green arch.

Location 3 ( Asipattravana Swamp )

The third Lost Monument Fragments is located west of Asipattravana Swamp. Go to the spot indicated in the map below and glide down to find the “Lost Monument Fragments” floating above the cave entrance. Switch to Sorush to see the fragment.

 Location 4 ( Tunigi Hollow)

The highest point in Tunigi Hollow is where you can find the last fragment of the Lost Monument. Switch to Sorush and fly to the top of the tree barnch to find the fragment.

Place the monument fragments (0/4)

Teleport to the Gate of Zulqarnain to complete the Monumental Study quest in Genshin Impact once all four Lost Monument Fragment have been located.

Go back to Sosi, who is situated directly beneath the Temir Mountain on the map, and speak with her. Put the Khvarena Inscription Fragments back where they belong as marked by a circle in the below image and then Inscriptions will shortly appear on

As Sosi begins to study the manuscript she’ll be interrupted by a fatui operatives. Fight and defeat the enemies.

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