Genshin Impact: How To Unlock “The Somalata Inland Sea Domain”

The Genshin Impact 3.6 update brings new content and three domain to conquer. The “Somalata Inland Sea ” is one of the region’s newest domains. It not only serves as a new challenge for players to complete, but it also serves as a handy teleport waypoint for faster mobility over the new terrain. Remember that this domain can only be unlocked by completing a puzzle. This Guide will help you to access the Somalata Inland Sea in Genshin Impact.


RewardsPrimogems, Dendro Sigils, artifacts, and valuable guides.
LocationRealm of Farakhkert -> Vourukasha Oasis teleport waypoint
Required ARAdventure Rank 40
Unlock RequirementsActivate all Dendro Monuments surrounding the domain
Domain DescriptionThe fragrant sea underneath the desert is still as luxuriant today as it has always been. Nobody knows when the marvelous sentient Fungi moved in and became part of the ecology of the underground ocean.

Starting Location

The domain is located in the southeastern area of the Vourukasha Oasis. To reach the destination, one can teleport to the southern waypoint of Vourukasha Oasis and continue walking in the southeast direction. If the southern waypoint is not unlocked yet, then teleporting to the western Statue of the Seven and proceeding to the domain is another option.

Solve The Dendro Monument Puzzle

You’ll be able to see the entrance along with four Dendro pillars scattered around the area. On the wall behind each Dendro pillar, there is a painting. The entrance is locked by a Dendro Elemental Monument puzzle. So make sure to come with a Dendro character. The order in which you must activate each pillar is indicated by a painting adjacent to each pillar with a variable number of dots (one dot means– first to activate). Hit the Dendro pillars in ascending order.

After activating all the Dendro pillars, a brief cutscene will play and you can enter the domain.

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