Hogwarts Legacy: Cache in the Castle Walkthrough

In this article we will show you how to do the sidequest “Cache in the Castle” in the game Hogwarts Legacy. In the quest, you have to join Arthur Plummly (NPC) in a treasure hunt in the castle.

Starting Location

Initiate the quest by approaching Arthur Plummly in The Astronomy Wing within the castle. He can be found outside of Charms class by a poster which is one floor above Professor Fig’s Classroom. Just talk to him to accept his quest. He will give you a paper with three hints.

Find the first landmark from Arthur’s Treasure Map

The first landmark can be found in The Astronomy Wing. Just go down the stairs in front of Arthur to find a Rihno skeleton. You just need to pass near it to register this objective.

Find the second landmark from Arthur’s Treasure Map

The next landmark is at Transfiguration Courtyard. From the previous location continue walking down the stairs and use exist the building by using the two big doors. This will lead you to the fountain with the dinosaur statue. Just need to pass near to complete the objective.

Find the third landmark from Arthur’s Treasure Map

The last landmark is a portrait. Go behind the fountain with the dinosaurs statue and then walk through another set of doors. Go up the stairs until you come across the portrait that is drawn on the treasure map.

Once you have found this portrait, you’ll need to cast the spell Accio on the handle above the portrait. This will reveal a hidden chest behind the portrait.

Open the chest inside to obtain your reward, which will be an Authentic Historian’s Uniform. Return to Arthur Plummly to finish the quest. He will be hanging around in the same area but may be at a slightly different location.

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