Hogwarts Legacy: How To Complete ‘Carted Away’ Side Quest

Carted Away is one of the quests available in the Lower Hogsfield area of the game Hogwarts Legacy. In this quest, you will need to assist a Goblin merchant called Arn (NPC) in recovering his painting materials that were robbed from his cart by several rebellious Goblins.  This article will guide you through all objectives of the Carted Away side quest.

Starting Location: Carted Away

To begin the quest, speak with Arn (NPC). Arn is located in Lower Hogsfield, as seen on the map below.

Talk to the goblin outside Lower Hogsfield

Arn will give some insights into the greater conflict between Wizardfolk and Goblins. He will also ask for your help in recovering his painting materials and other items that were robbed from his cart by several rebellious Goblins.

Go to the Goblin Camp

Follow the quest marker to the Goblin Camp once you’ve finished speaking with Arn. The Goblin Camp is quite a distance from Lower Hogsfield so you can either fast-travel to the nearest Floo Flames point or use your broom to travel to the Golbin camp.

Free the carts from the encampment

You have to take down all eleven goblins once you get to the goblin encampment. Since more Goblins spawn to fight after you kill one, this battle might be extremely difficult for lower-level players. We recommend stealthily eliminating as many as you can. You can get a handful of Chinese Chomping Cabbages as combat items from Herbology Class. These are excellent at taking enemies out quickly and you can throw 3 at a time.

Once the Goblins are defeated, loot the camp for some new gear and some other items. Then, head to the back of the camp and unlock the gate. The carts will return to Arn on their own.

Return to Arn

After freeing the carts, go back to Arn and talk to him to end the quest. This finishes Carted Away Side Quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

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