Hogwarts legacy : How to complete “mind your own business” sidequest

Minding your own Business” is a PlayStation exclusive side quest in Hogwarts legacy. This side quest is be available after completing the Main Quest: Fire and Vice. To start the quest, you will need to speak with Penny, a House Elf standing outside a vacant store in Hogsmeade.


Quest Level25
Quest GiverPenny
RequirementBefore getting started, complete the Main Quest: Fire and Vice.
Mission DetailsTalk to the vacant store’s owner, Cassandra Mason and see what she desires.  

Starting Location

To begin this quest speak with Penny who would be at the shop, located in south Hogsmeade.

Talk to Penny (House- Elf)

Penny will tell you about the shop for sale and instruct you to speak with Cassandra Mason, the owner of the shop for completing this quest.

Speak with Cassandra Mason

Cassandra Mason can be found in the northern side of the Village. Talk to her and she will agree you to sell this shop for a fair price of 1500 Galleons.  

How to get 1500 Galleons

Some players may face this difficulty of not having enough Gold. Don’t worry, you can get a lot of Galleons/gold quickly by visiting the treasure vaults out in the Highlands.

Clean up and make repairs

After obtaining 1500 Gold, have a conversation with Cassandra to purchase the shop. Inform Penny that you have bought the shop and then make your way back to the shop. Once inside, use the “Reparo” spell to start repairing the place.

Open the mysterious Chest

After beginning to clean the shop using the Reparo spell, the house elf will present you with a key to an mysterious chest. Follow the marker to the other room in the shop and open the chest.

Explore what lies below

As you open the chest a Ladder heading down reveals to a mysterious underground location. Climb down the ladder and it will disappears automatically once you reach the bottom. Begin exploring until you come across another small chest containing a hat sized for a small elf. Now as you try to exit the room the door will automatically get shut as you turn to leave.  

At this juncture, the room plunges into darkness. Cast Lumos Spell to light your wand and take a look around. You would be able to see some mannequin (dolls figure) hanging from the ceiling. Continue to search the room until a door opens.

Keep moving through the corridor, then you will enter in another dark room , pass the door on the left and you will reach to another room with closed double doors.

Continue along the straight path until you arrive at a room with double doors and a lantern floating to their right.

To the right of the door is a flying lamp near the big painting. Cast a spell ‘Wingardium Leviosa ‘ or ‘Accio ‘ to place the lantern onto the hand-shaped hook next to the door. Cast Lumos and wait for the door to be opened.

Pass the now-open door and you will reach a foyer. Go forward to trigger a cut-scene. Then avoid getting hit by the floating furniture thrown by Fastidio.

Explore the Library

Now you may see doorways on the left and right hand side of the room, you may enter the left door to access and explore the library.

Proceed along the designated route until you arrive at a locked door, where you must place two lanterns on the hook resembling a hand next to the door to gain entry.

Explore the Library (Right Path)

From here head to the right path, then move right side of that statue as shown in the picture.

Now keep moving forward through the long corridor.

This will guide you to a room containing three doors. You have to pass through all three door. Choose any door and you will be transported back to this room at the end.

Right Door

The door on the right leads to a ladder, but as you attempt to ascend it, the floor will collapse, causing you to return to the chamber with the three doors. This time, one of the doors will disappear.

Middle Door

Next pass through the middle door, you’ll find yourself in a hallway where you can only move in circles until Fastidio says to retrace your steps. Upon receiving the directive, turn around and make your way to the door at the end of the corridor to proceed forward.

As you move along the corridor you are begin attack by spider at the door. Illuminate your wand with Lumos and go toward the mannequins and at the end the hallway will abruptly darken.

Left Door

The players will find themselves back in the room with the three doors surrounded by mannequins. Illuminate your wand with Lumos and proceed through the door (which is the right door in the three-door room)

In the next room, interact with the figurine in a box and a fight against mannequins will start. Kill any mannequins that come to life.

After defeating all the living mannequins you will be able to find an open door. Pass through it to find a lanterns needed to open the library’s double doors.

Cast Accio or Wingardium Leviosa spell to move the lantern to the hand next to the double door in the library.

Explore the Library (Left Path)

Head left from the double-door in the library, pass a large statue before eventually coming to an area with a balcony. Follow the path until you are in an upside-down room.

Continue going ahead you will reach to a balcony.

Turn around now and move forward. This time you will observed that the room appearance has changed. Move until you reach the upside down room. Simply go up the stairs near the balcony.

Now use accio spell to grab the lantern on the other side of the balcony, place it on the door’s handle to open it.

The door beside you has been unlocked. Take the lamp you have just acquired, carry it through the door, and put it onto the hand-shaped hook located adjacent to the balcony. This will open the nearby wall.

Proceed through the recently opened wall and take a right turn to locate a window. Descend through the window and continue downwards.

Use the stairs in the room to go up and grab the lantern using accio. Put the lantern on the hand stand again to open the doorway in the same room.

After entering the room, turn around and grab the lamp through the window and lead it to the hand down the stairs.

This will open a door to next room with a lantern. Use the spells “Accio” or “Wingardium Leviosa” to carry the lantern and bring it to the hand-shaped lever situated beside the double doors in the Library. Once two lanterns have been placed, the double doors of the library will eventually open.

Entertain Fastidio

A little fight against Fastidio will start. Fastidio will attack players with rocks and pieces of furniture. You can’t do anything except protect yourself. Finally he’ll give up and disappear.

Return to the Froyer

After the fight with Fastidio, return to the foyer to trigger a cut-scene. Now its time to explore the right side.

Explore  the Atrium

Left Path

In this area you have to explore Atrium by finding lanterns and opening up doorways. Follow the given path to the left of the closed door.

Continue moving ahead along the corridor until you reach the dead end with a single mannequin standing. Destroy this mannequin and turn around to see the path blocked by a bunch more mannequins.

Destroy all the mannequin and then blast through newly appeared barricade door.

After you passed the barricaded door, grab the lamp from the left side and place it to the hand hook next to you. This will create a open a door across the gap and construct a wooden path up to the door.

On the other side, destroy the door with barricade door and pass through it. Cast accio spell to grab the lantern from the left side and place it to empty hand near you.

Blast the barricade across the gap to grab the lantern.

Turn around around and go the third door. Placing the lantern on the third hook at the far end of the area to create a path to cross the gap.

Keep moving forward where a fight against mannequins will start. Players will need to defeat multiple waves of mannequins until one of the doors opens up. After defeating all mannequins, proceed to the now-open door. You’ll find yourself in a dark corridor.

Cast Lumos, look for another open door, pass through to  chase a doorway as it moves away from you. Follow the given path and you will end up in a room with a chest.

Now retrack back to find the first of the lanterns needed to complete the Atrium section. Place this lantern near the closed door in the Atrium.

Right Path

Now go to the right side of the closed door and follow the given path. You will end up in a room where you have to lead another lantern to a hand.

Place the lantern on the hand hook to open a new path. Follow the given path until you reach a chess field. The chess board has few squares that starts breaking when they are stood upon. Cast Revelio to see the path. The squares to avoid will glow red, so you can continue until you reach the chamber with the fireplace.

Follow the path until you reach the same room you were in before the chess board. Grab the lamp and place it on hand again

Go through the newly open path and you will come across another lantern. Place the lantern on the hook near the double doorways. As soon as the double doors open, go down the stairs.

Playing with the Poltergeist

Enter the area to initiate a fresh encounter with the Fastidio. During the battle, Fastidio will hurl crates and eventually bring forth some mannequins. Once all the mannequins have been defeated, Fastidio will depart, allowing players to exit and return to the foyer.

Return to the Foyer

Once Fastidio departs, return to the foyer. Pass through the newly open door.

Venture beyond the foyer doors

Pass through the newly open door in the Foyer to reach the cemetery where you will have a boss fight.

Challenge Fastidio

Dodge when Fastidio hurls furniture. To defeat Fastidio’s furniture monster, players must use damaging spells like Confringo, Diffindo, and Bombarda.

After successfully defeating Fastidio’s furniture monster, the second phase of the battle commences. Fastidio revives the monster once again, and players should utilize the same technique as before to defeat it once more.

Fastidio revives his furniture monster once more, marking the start of the third phase. This phase poses a challenge as Fastidio flips the screen, requiring players to defeat the opponent while it is upside down until he flips it back.

Return to the Shop

After winning all the three fight its time to return to the shop.

Talk to Penny

Talk to Penny about the trap which was set by Cassandra Mason. Speaking with Penny will allow them to choose a new name for the store

Seek out Officer Singer

Go to an officer singer to complain about Cassandra Mason.  

Confront Cassandra Mason

Go to the shop with the officer to confront Cassandra Mason.

How to Defeat Cassandra Mason

After Cassandra is accused of her wrongdoing, she casts a Stupefy spell, knocking Officer Singer out. Defeat Cassandra and bring her to justice for her misdeeds. Spells such as Protego, Stupefy, Depulso, and Confringo should be prepared in advance, as they will help you to easily win this fight.

During the fight, Cassandra will use basic attacks and throw objects at you, so you will need to dodge and protect yourself from them. When you have taken a third of her health away, Mason will cast a shield, which you can destroy with Stupefy before continuing to attack her. When her health falls to two-thirds, she will use all her power, so you should keep avoiding her attacks and use Protego and Stupefy to defeat her.

Return to the Shop  

Upon defeating Mason, Officer Singer will imprison her and inform you that you are now the rightful owner of the store. Penny will transfer ownership to you, and you can return to the shop to select a name for it, sell any unwanted items to Penny, and acquire the Shopkeeper’s outfit set.

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