Hogwarts Legacy: Mer-Ky Depths Side Quest Guide

‘Mer-Ky’ Depths is a Side Quest in Hogwarts Legacy. This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of the ‘Mer-Ky’ Depths side quest where you must help Nerida Robert to collect mermish artifact.


Quest LevelLevel 10 or higher
Quest GiverNerida Robert
Quest LocationBoathouse, The Great Hall
Mission InformationNerida Roberts is sitting on the docks by the Hogwarts boathouse. I should speak with her.
How to UnlockClear Main Quest: Percival Rackham’s Trial
Clear Rewards180 XP

Starting location

Talk to Nerida Roberts (NPC) at the dock by the Hogwarts Boathouse to initiate the quest.

Talk to Nerida Roberts

Nerida Roberts will ask you to get him a Mermish Artefact which is required to improve the relationship between Wizardkind and Merpeople.

Find the leaky cave

In order to acquire the Mermish Artefact, a player must swim to the designated location near the Boathouse and then interact with the whirlpool marked on the surface to dive into the leaky cave.

To find and collect the mermish artifact.

There are 3 moth stands in the cave where you emerge in. Burn the spiderweb using the Incendio spell.

Subsequently, use Lumos to move the moths to the moth door. Take all three moths and proceed to the eastern moth door. Follow one moth at a time.

Finally, head inside and open the chest located within the room that has a Mermish Artefact.

Now return to Nerida

Finally, go back to Nerida. Talk to her to complete the quest.

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