Honkai Star Rail : Cyrille Quest Guide – Vessel of Mediocrity (Part 1)

Vessel of Mediocrity (Part 1) revolves around an enigmatic young girl named Cyrille, who stands out as an anomaly within the Fragmentum. To save the children, you will need to unravel a sequence of riddles referred to as “The Fool’s Box” during your expedition. These puzzles entail manipulating boxes, initially straightforward but progressively becoming more challenging as the mission unfolds. This guide aims to assist you in successfully accomplishing all the mission’s objectives.


Mission TypeAdventure Mission
LocationJarilo-VI, Backwater Pass
RequirementsTrailblaze Level 18 Lying in Rust

Starting location

In the centre of Backwater Pass is where you’ll find the Mysterious Girl named Cyrille. To get to the task area fast, use the Leisure Plaza space anchor. Then use the navigation marker on your map to see the Mysterious Girl ( cyrille )

talk to cyrille

To begin the mission, speak with Cyrille (NPC) close to the Leisure Plaza space anchor. She will ask for for your help in solving a puzzle known as The Fool’s Box.

Puzzle #1

Push the box on the right upwards to free the girl inside, in order to solve the first Fool’s Box puzzle. Then , Talk to Cyrille after releasing the trapped girl. The second Fool’s Box puzzle will then emerge after a quick cutscene.

Puzzle #2

Push the right-most box to the right once and save Cyrille. Then after that push the box in the centre to the left once and free Cyrille again.

look for sampo

After finishing the puzzle, a cutscene will play. When it’s over, look for Sampo and ask him for help to rescue Cyrille. He can be found in Boulder Town, close to the Fight Club.After interacting with Sampo, head back to Backwater Pass to find Cyrille.

Finish conversation with Sampo in order to complete the task

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