How to Complete Like a Moth to a Frame in Hogwarts Legacy

This guide will help you to complete the side quest “Like a Moth to a Frame” in the game Hogwarts Legacy.

Speak with Lenora Everleigh

Location: The Library Anney -> Central Hall
The sidequest “Like a Moth to a Frame” will pop up after completing the Main Quest: Defence Against The Dark Arts Class. Head to the Central Hall in The Library Annex to speak with Lenora Everleigh.

Discover the painting’s secret

Lenora will give you the rundown on the “puzzle” that the quest entails, but it’s such a simple activity that you won’t really need any introductions or hints. Cast the secret painting with the Lumos (light) spell.  It will show you a location near you.

Find the location depicted in the painting

Now you need to find the hidden location in the Painting. Turn right (facing the painting) and head straight down the stairs in front of you. Hang left (around the nook underneath the staircase) and observe the wall to locate the object that needs to be placed back into the painting.

Return the Moth to the painting

Cast Lumos again and go near the Moth. The Moth will automatically follow you. Go back to the painting and cast Lumos one more time.

To fully complete the quest, you’ll need to speak to Lenora. She’s located right above you, on the staircase. You’ll get some experience points and the rewards that go along with that in case of a level-up (I obtained the Cobalt Regalia outfit).

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