How to Complete Resurrect the Rex in Dead Island 2

It’s the ideal time to restart your music career during the zombie apocalypse. Rikky Rex senses his advanced age. But do not fear, he is determined to stage a comeback. He’s going to need motivation to accomplish it. Resurrect the Rex is a Side Quest in Dead Island 2. This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of Resurrect the Rex side mission.

Starting Location

This quest starts in the Beverly Hills HQ by talking to Rikky, the guy sitting on the armchair. Reconnect with Rikky, and he’ll hatch a plan to “reclaim” his band’s old master tapes from his producer Farouk. Luckily, Farouk is a neighbor.

Look for the master tapes in Farouk the music producer’s house, downhill

After speaking with Rikky, leave the house, follow the objective marker. Climb over the back gate and head down the steps to the right. When you jump down, you’ll notice that there are already a few zombies within. Farouk’s husband, Dave, is among them. Eliminate all the zombies.

After you kill Dave, he will drop the keys to the Farouk residence… which is unnecessary because the glass doors on the opposite side are unlocked.

Search Farouk the producer’s house for Gods and Whiskey master tapes [0/3]

Tape 1 is on the floor in the living room. You will almost certainly come upon Farouk, who wishes to eat you.

Tape 2 is on the second floor, beside the electric trap. The lightning will temporarily stop, allowing you to rush across the room and grab the tape before fleeing.

Tape 3 is on the very top floor, where there are a lot of zombies. Once the zombies are dead, walk out onto the balcony and you will find the third tape in the right corner.

Return the original Gods and Whiskey master tapes to Rikky

Now that we have the recordings, we can exit through the front door and make our way back to Rikky. It’s worth noting that there will almost certainly be a Crusher on the way out of Farouk’s house, and another on the way back. There’s also a Screamer. Once back inside, speak with Rikky, wait for the dialogue to finish and the quest will complete.

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