How to complete Simba’s Seed of Memories quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

In this article, we will guide you on finishing Simba’s Seed of Memories quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Once you attain level 7, have a conversation with Simba, and he will reveal his eagerness to explore his history in Dreamlight Valley before it was destroyed by the night thorns. Regrettably, Scar is the only dependable source of information available to him.

When you talk to Scar, he will instruct you to locate the Dreamlight Tree Seed which is concealed in the Vitalys Mines at Sunlit Plateau. To enter the mines, you must venture beneath the waterfall.

Inside the mine you’ll come across a doorframe filled with rocks. Interact with the door, which will be emitting a light blue glow, to access a secret room known as the Herbalist Room.

After gaining entry to the Herbalist Room, it is essential to explore the surroundings by examining the wall drawings and the beakers and tubes on the table. Once you have completed your investigation, leave the mine and seek out Merlin to discuss your findings.

Merlin will ask you to create two potions – Potion of Growth and Potion of Dust. To make these potions, the following ingredients are required:

  • Dream Shard (3)
  • Night Shard (3)
  • Blueberry (6): Can be found in the Forest of Valor or Dazzle Beach
  • Orange Marsh Milkweed: Can be found in the Glade of Trust
  • Empty Vial: Can be crafted by combining Sand and Coal Ore.

After collecting all the required items, head to the nearest Crafting Station. From there, open the Potions and Enhancement tab, and craft a Potion of Growth and a Potion of Dust.

Once you have these potions, go back to the Herbalist Room located in Vitalys Mines. In the room, there are some empty spots on the table where you can interact with and place the potions. Upon doing so, you will obtain the Dreamlight Tree Seed.

Simba will guide you to the ideal location for planting the Dreamlight Tree. This location is next to the pond at Sunlit Plateau, which you can reach by crossing the wooden bridge. Simba will accompany you and indicate the ideal spot for planting the seed.

After finding the location, dig a hole and plant the seed.

To allow the tree to grow fully, it will require watering for three consecutive days.

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