How to find All 6 Udumbara Pistil locations in Genshin Impact 3.6

After finishing the world quest “As the Khvarena’s Light Shows: Nirodha” in Genshin Impact, the new quest “Pale Fire” will be presented to you. You’ll need to find some Udumbara Pistil ( a mysterious flower ) to complete this quest. Udumbara Pistilis required to awaken the Residual Pari inside some of the Fravashi Trees. This guide will help you find all six Udumbara Pistils.

Where To Find All The Six Udumbara Pistils

To deliver the Udumbara to the residual Pari in Genshin Impact, you must collect all 6 Udumbara Pistils in nearby areas of Asipattravana Swamp (northwest of the Vourukasha Oasis). After finding Udumbara pistil do the following steps to collect the Udumbara pistil:

  • Change into Sorush and fly to the circle.
  • To keep Sorush’s ability active, hold Skill.
  • Stand on the petal of the Udumbara and gather the Pistil in the centre of the Udumbara.

I have marked all the six locations of Udumbara pistil below in the screenshot ( red arrow is used for proper visibility)

#1 Udumbara Pistil

The Udumbara is located east of the teleport waypoint on the upper side of a large rocky hil. I have marked the location in the below image.

#2 Udumbara Pistil

As you collect the previous pistil, you can spot the second flower on the opposite cliff of the mountain across the river. You can cross the river with the help of four-leaf sigils.

You can also use the elevation points instead of flying to reach the center of the Flower to collect the pistil.

#3 Udumbara Pistil

It can be found high up on the cliffside. Use the nearest Teleport Waypoint and go through the valley and glide in the direction of the Udumbara.

#4 Udumbara Pistil

This Udumbara is situated close to big, sharp tree roots that are emerging from the ground on the cliffside.

#5 Udumbara Pistil

To reach the marked place , travel to the Teleport Waypoint on the west and glide east. Three Fungi will be nearby that must first be eliminated in order to reach the Udumbara. After defeating the enemy, fly towards the Udumbara and collect Udumbara pistil.

#6 Udumbara Pistil

Glide east from the teleport waypoint down the cliff wall.

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