How to find Larvesta and Evolve into Volcarona | Pokemon Scarlet & Violet


Larvesta was first introduced to the Pokemon games during Gen 5’s Black and White and is often difficult to obtain. Larvesta only resides in one location of the games and is a rare spawn, with an encounter rate of only 10%. Below is everything you need to know to capture a Larvesta.

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According to Larvesta’s habitat information, you can find them in the Asado Desert to the west of Cascarrafa. The desert is filled with pokémon, but Larvesta is one of the rare ones to spot. After combing the desert. After spotting a Larvesta, make sure to have a rock-type pokémon ready since Larvesta is weak to rock-type moves. This will make things easier when you do battle.

How to find Larvesta
Larvesta Location

You need to level up Larvesta to Level 59 for it to evolve into Volcarona. Each time you defeat or capture a Larvesta or Volcarona, you will get up to three Larvesta Fuzz. Larvesta Fuzz can be used to craft TMs at TM Machines.

Paldea Pokedex: #274 Larvesta

Type: Bug / Fire

Ability: Flame Body / Swarm

Biome: Desert (5%)

Evolution: Larvesta > Volcarona (Level 59)

Characteristics: This Pokémon was called the Larva That Stole the Sun. The fire Larvesta spouts from its horns can cut right through a sheet of iron.

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