How to Get an Alien Customer in My Restaurant in Roblox

My Restaurant is a popular tycoon-style game that allows players to create and grow their own restaurant by serving delicious food, interacting with customers, hiring staff, and investing in new furniture and equipment. In its March 2023 update, the game introduced a new type of customer – the Alien. If you’re wondering how to attract this unique customer to your establishment, keep reading to find out more.

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How to Have an Alien Customer in My Restaurant

There is no established method for attracting an Alien customer to your restaurant, as they seem to appear randomly. However, by running an efficient and fast-paced establishment, you can increase the chances of attracting one. The probability of an Alien customer showing up is greater as you serve and accommodate more customers.

Once an Alien customer enters your restaurant, it’s important to promptly seat them (or as soon as possible), as taking good care of them during their visit will result in a larger tip. Keep an eye on the chat feed as you’ll receive a notification when they appear.

After finishing their meal, Alien customers may leave a generous tip, with some tipping almost $1,500 in the past. While there is no definitive evidence, players of My Restaurant have speculated that incorporating alien-themed furniture, such as an Alien Throne or UFO Table, may increase the chances of attracting extraterrestrial customers and receiving larger tips. However, we received an Alien customer without having any extraterrestrial furnishings in our restaurant.

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