How to Link the circuit and activate the right machine door in Genshin Impact

Link the circuit and activate the right machine door” is one of the objectives under Khvarena’s Light Shows World Quest. This objective would start after you find the second Farrwick. This part of the quest requires you to solve the puzzles in order to open doors, this guide would help you to open the right machine door in order to get the final third Farrwick


Location Gavireh Lajavard area in Genshin Impact 3.6.
RequirementAfter you find the second Farrwick.
Mission InfoDrop the two Farrwicks in order to open the right machine door which would lead to the third Farrwick.
RewardPlayers gain access to the third Farrwick.

Link The Circuit and open the right machine door

First of all in order to open the right machine door, you need to place the Farrwick in front of the Relay which is covered with grey crystal. (refer to the screenshots down below) and move the Mixer once which would move and stop near the Relay. The important component of the puzzle requires you to make the energy flow through the circuit which would open the Right Machine door.

How to Activate the Right Machine Door

These are the Two Farrwicks that were acquired previously. It will be used to Activate the Frozen Generators or remove the grey crystal from the Energy Relay.

Go near the frozen generator( Energy Relay covered with Grey Crystal )

Drop one of the two Farrwicks near the Energy Relay which would help to remove the grey crystal and would activate it.

Drop the other Farrwicks in front of the Energy Relay which removes the grey crystal as shown

Now move the Mixer( which is marked in the image with an arrow)

Rotate the mixer 2 times. After performing this task, move right.

Now move right from the previous above location where you can see another mixer and frozen Generator inside the same room as shown down below :

Place the 2nd Farrwick remaining near the Frozen Generator or the Energy Relay to remove the Grey Crystal and go to the mixer to channel the energy flow. Refer to the image down below:

Rotate the Mixer twice to channel the energy flow into the Frozen Generator marked above. Refer to the image down below:

After rotating the mixer twice, the Frozen Generator gets activated and the right machine door starts to open.

The Right Machine door is now opened.

Now, the right machine door will unlock once the Mixer next to the other frozen generator has been rotated twice.

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