How to Solve Herodiana’s Puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy

This article will guide you through all the steps of the to solve all three Herodiana’s Puzzles in the sidequest “The Hall of Herodiana” in the game Hogwarts Legacy. It is series of three puzzles, which take place at the bottom of the Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower.

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Solve Herodiana’s Puzzles

There are a in total of three puzzles to solve for this sidequest. Below are the steps on how to complete all three Herodiana’s Puzzles

#1 ) Herodiana Puzzle

The first puzzle is quite simple. You just need to cast Depulso to push the crates forward so you can jump onto the next platform. This will lead you to a chest with Herodiana’s cape.

#2 ) Herodiana Puzzle

Firstly, you need to cast Accio to the blocks on the your right side to move it to the left wall.

Cast Depulso on the blocks on your left side to push it forward again the wall.

Now you can cast Accio on the blocks to move it to the right side.

You can now climb the blocks and move to open the 2nd chest.

#3 ) Herodiana Puzzle

Firstly, cast Accio on the blocks to move them to the right side of you.

Cast Depulso spell on the block to push it forward.

Then you have to climb on blocks in the middle and go to the block on the left side. Cast Accio on the blocks on the left side to pull it to the left wall.

Jump on the block that you just moved to the left side to reach the next immovable platform. Then you have to reset the blocks by using a standard spell on the golden mechanism infront of you.

After resetting the block, cast Accio on the Blocks again to pull it to the left (extreme end wall).

Keep using Accio on the blocks to move it to the left.

Now finally, you have to jump on blocks and climb up to finish the third puzzle.

And open the your final chest to finish this object your quest. 

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