How to solve Museum Floor Clock Puzzle in Hello Neighbor 2

This guide will help you to find a solution for solving Museum Floor Clock Puzzle in the game Hello Neighbor 2. In this guide, you need to find three gears to solve the puzzle.

How to open safe

Enter the museum through the main entrance and head upstairs using the left stair. Use the crowbar to break the lock and enter the room. Inside this room, you will find a safe with a clock drawing on it. To open the safe you need to find three different colored gears to fix the clock on the museum’s main level. The time the clock goes to after being fixed will be the code for opening the safe.

Museum Floor Clock Puzzle

Where to Find the Green Gear

In the same room, you will see the globe with a red X on it. Interact with the globe to spin it slightly until it opens and pick the green gear from it.

Where to Find the Yellow Gear

In the same room, pull the blue light to open the gray wall.

Before going to the room, pick up the kettlebell near the red chair.

Place the kettlebell on the pressure plate. Once you have done that, the picture above the bed will spin, and you can see the Yellow Gear.

Where to Find the Blue Gear

Go back to the room with the Safe. Pick up the eagle (toy) from the table near the safe.

Next, head to the garage downstairs and place the eagle on the car hood. Open the car hood to collect the blue gear.

How to Finish Night 3:

Head to the clock on the first floor (near the stairs) and put all gears inside. The time clock will say 11:35. Go back to the safe and enter the code.

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