How to Solve the Stone Pedestal Puzzle in Resident Evil 4 Remake

This article will guide you on how to solve the stone pedestal puzzle in the game Resident Evil 4 Remake. Hexagon Pieces are necessary to finish the Stone Pedestal challenge in Chapter 3 of the Resident Evil 4 Remake. You need to find three Hexagon Piece in the game.

Hexagon Piece A

The first Hexagon Piece A is in a small chest across from the merchant you encounter in the Quarry. Refer to below image for the exact location on the map.

Hexagon Piece B

Hexagon Piece B can also be found in Chapter 3 in the Fish Farm area. It is located to the right of the residence housing the Boat Fuel. To get to the chest holding this puzzle piece, you will need to wade through the water and below a wooden bridge.

Hexagon Piece C

Hexagon Piece C may be found inside a Small Cave Shrine in Chapter 4. This small cave is located which is located at the northeastern edge of the lake. After solving the problem at the shrine, turn right to locate the chest with the missing piece next to the Blasphemer’s Head.

How to solve the stone pedestal puzzle

Return to the Stone Pedestal puzzles location after collecting all three Hexagon Pieces. It is located inside the quaint community at the lake’s southwest corner.

Install all three hexagonal pieces into the Stone Pedestal puzzle, rotate the lower-left section, and then rotate the top section to solve the puzzle for Assisted/Normal Mode. If you make a mistake, we advise loading an older save because it bit hard to reset the puzzle.

  • For Assisted/Normal Mode. Rotate the bottom left key once. Then rotate the top key once. This will complete the pattern in just two steps.
  • For Hardcore/Professional Mode. Rotate the bottom right key twice, then rotate the bottom left key twice and the top key once.

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