Hungry Navi Bird Side Quest Guide | One Piece Odyssey

One Piece Odyssey is an RPG where you play as the Straw Hat crew going around the world of the anime doing quests and the standard stuff you do in RPGs. This guide will help you to complete the side quest “Hungry Navi Bird” in the game One Piece Odyssey, which is released on January 13, 2023. In the quest, you have to help a hungry bird by bringing some food for it to eat.

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How to complete Hungry Navi Bird Quest

To initiate the quest, head to Nanohana and talk to the hungry bird. You can locate birds on the eastern side of the map. I have attached a screenshot below. The bird will ask you to bring desert nuts before it can give you directions.

To complete this quest you need to gather 10 desert nuts. To collect nuts you can walk around town looking for these sparkling nests and shooting at them with Usopp’s slingshot. This will destroy the nests and drop a Desert Nut just underneath them for you to collect!

To complete the quest, just go around the town and try to destroy 10 nests. Once you’re done, return to the bird and give him the nuts.

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