Loot Tony’s Barn Mission in Choo Choo Charles

This walkthrough will guide you for the “Loot Tony’s Barn” side mission in the game Choo Choo Charles.

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Loot Tony’s Barn Mission

This sidequest can be initiated on the southeast section of the island. The map location can be found via the X marker in the picture below.

When you arrive at the marked location, talk to the man in front of the house. He’ll tell you about Charles, noting that your presence is crucial to taking down the mutated spider train and he appreciates your courage. He’ll then give you the keys to his barn up the hill, telling you to take all the scrap you find inside.

Then head up the hill, unlock the barn and loot it. You’ll find 9 scraps and a note about Eugene, Warren, and Charles. Once the barn is thoroughly robbed, the quest is complete.

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