More Important Than Berries Side Quest in One Piece Odyssey

This guide will help you to complete the side quest “More Important Than Berries Side Quest ” in the game One Piece Odyssey. The side quest More Important Than Berries has a small story to it though that makes it a bit interesting.

More Important Than Berries

First, you need to go to Nanohana and actually start the side quest by talking to the quest giver east of the town. You can locate the NPC on the western side of the town. I have marked the location on the map. He will ask you to help in finding his precious photo.

Once you accept the quest you’ll need to go to the Desert near Nanohana and go to the northwestern part through a tunnel.

At the very end of the path is the first item you need to get, a Picture of 2 Children.

You’ll then need to go Northeast for the next item as shown in below image.

You have to Just keep following the right wall until you reach the area with the scorpions and skeletons and there you’ll find the second item for the quest, a Picture of 1 Adult.

Once you collect both items, you’ll just need to go back and finish the quest by talking to the NPC of the game, and the quest gets completed congratulations.

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