Museum House Models Puzzle Solution | Hello Neighbor 2

In this guide, there will be a solution to the Museum House Models Puzzle of the game Hello Neighbor 2

How to Find a First House Model

When you enter the hallway, there will be a map with missing house model pieces and a locker beside it. You will find the first model above the locker. Take it and place it over the map.

How to Find a Second House Model

Go to the Main hall, you will see a glass cupboard covered with a web on the right side. Cut the web with your scissors and you will get your second model house. Come back to the map room and place the second model house over it.

How to Find a Third House Model

Head back to the Main hall again. The third house model is on the left side inside a glass cupboard. Break it with your crowbar to get the third model house. Get back to the map, and put the third model house.

After placing all three house models correctly on the map, a locker beside it will open that contains the square key inside it, You can use the key to open the door in the same room.

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