One Piece Odyssey: God Usopp 1 Side Quest Guide

In this guide, we’ll guide you to do one of the side quests named “God Usopp 1” in the game One Piece Odyssey. The quest “God Usopp 1” can be found in the eastern parts of Dressrosa City. Head to the marked location on the map. There you’ll find this Muscular man that you can talk to and start the quest with.

How to complete the quests

As the quest start, you need to go south in the area as shown in the image below. You’ll see a bunch of bandits terrorizing someone and you can talk to them to start a fight. Defeat the enemies to continue the quest.

Once you defeated the warriors talk to them and will be given different choices. The correct choices are as follows:

  • You just need to take action to help rebuild this country!
  • Just trust what God says!
  • Work hard and make them grateful!

Once you’re done you just need to go back to the NPC that gave you the quest to finish it!

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