One Piece Odyssey: That Tea Tastes Thorny | Where To Find The Jars Of Tea Leaves

This guide will help you to complete the side quest “That Tea Tastes Thorny” in the game One Piece Odyssey, which was released on 13th Jan 2023. The main goal of this quest is to help ab NPC named Crybaby Tea Merchant Lief in finding the two jars of tea leaves that she lost.

How To Start That Tea Tastes Thorny Side Story

Head to the southern gate in Alubarna to begin “That Tea Tastes Thorny” in One Piece Odyssey. When you arrive at the designated spot on the map, speak with the young sobbing woman with pink hair near the roadway. She’ll tell you that she misplaced two jars of tea leaves. So, the objective of this quest is to find two jars of tea leaves for her.

Collect Jars Of Tea Leaves (1/2)

When the quest begins, follow the alley behind the NPC (quest giver) and continue west, to find a Royal Army Soldier. The location is marked on the map. He will give you the first Jar of Tea Leaves.

Collect Jars Of Tea Leaves (2/2)

Return to the main street and proceed north to the big iron gate. Another soldier may be found on the right side (pictured below). When you speak with the second Royal Army Soldier, he will inform you that some dodgy characters stole the second Tea Leaves Jar.

Follow the steps east from the soldier’s location to a small alley where you’ll locate the Tea Leaf Thief. Talk to him and then defeat his gang to obtain the second tea jar.

You can return to the quest giver once you’ve collected both Jars of Leaves. You’ll find her in the same spot. Give her the jars now to complete the That Tea Tastes Thorny Side Quest of the game One Piece Odyssey.

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