Where to Find Glass Slipper – Princess update | My Restaurant

The Roblox latest update to My Restaurant is known as the Princess update. The introduction of a new character, the Princess, is the focus of this chapter. You can perform a side mission while investigating Where to Find the Glass Slipper in the game. Our guide below will help you locate the Glass Slipper item in My Restaurant.

Speak to the Princess in the Castle

Leave your restaurant and enter the brand-new event castle in the middle of the map. Speak to the Princess who is walking around inside the castle. When you do this, she says she has misplaced her favorite pair of Glass Slippers and asks for your help to look for them.

Where to Find the Glass Slipper

The Glass Slipper can be found at several spots throughout the castle event venue. You should search for it in the regions with trees and flowerbeds. When you do come upon it, it is quite obvious since it is a blue crystal slipper. The screenshot up top depicts how it appears. When you do locate it, just walk up to it and interact with it to pick it.

After obtaining the Glass Slipper, return to the palace and present it to the Princess. She will express her gratitude for you locating the slipper and express her hunger. The Princess will then have dinner at your restaurant.

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