Search for Tobbs – Tell Deek about his Friend – Hogwarts Legacy Walkthrough

This guide will help you to complete the objective “Search for Tobbs” of the side quest “The Plight of The House-Elf” in Hogwarts Legacy where Deek asks the player to go outside and check on a friend he hasn’t seen in a long time.

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After speaking with Deek, you can fast travel to the Upper Hogsfield Floo Flame point to reach the Spinner Cavern. Kill all the spiders at the enterance and then enter the cave.

Search For Tobbs (Deek’s Friend )

As you progress through the cave, you’ll notice that there is only one true way out. Continue to follow the main path and keep taking out the spider you encountered. Take the left path after crossing the first gap.

Enter the first mini-cave and then slide down the slope to encounter another set of spiders.

Defeat another group of spiders. Burn the spider wave on the left to continue going ahead on the main path. When you reach the top, jump over the ledge and crawl into the small mini-cave.

Crawl through the 2nd mini-cave to reach the Boss Spiders area. Take out all of the smaller spiders that spawn first to make the boss fight easier to complete. After defeating the boss, climb up the ledge and continue on the main path to find Tobb.

Read The Note

Once you find Tobbs, read the note in front of him on the ground.

Return To Deek

Fast travel back to the Room of Requirement and speak to Deek to complete the side quest.

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