The Chant: Find the ingredients past the paddleboard

This guide will help you to find the ingredients past the paddleboard in Chapter 1 of the game The Chant. It is a single-player, third-person horror action-adventure game set on a remote spiritual island retreat which was released on 3rd November 2022.

Where to Find the Ingredients Past the Paddleboard

At the start of chapter 1, as you come to the main area you will meet Maya in her house near the glass dome. Enter her cabin and check on the left side for the first note (Lore 1) with the information Ingredients Past the Paddleboard.

You’ll need to collect one of each of the following ingredients : 

  • Spirit Cap
  • Lavender
  • Ginger

To find these components, leave Maya’s house and proceed past the dome, staying on the left side. Continue down the route and squeeze between large rocks. Lavender may be spotted along some rocks on the left side.

Continue down the route and pass a fallen tree. Ginger is among some rocks opposite the Spirit Cap, while Spirit Cap is to the left of a tree stump.

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