Use the Mysterious Map Fragment to find the treasure in Hogwarts Legacy

This article is a guide for the objective “Use the Mysterious Map Fragment to find the treasure” related to the side quest called Cursed Tomb Treasure in Hogwarts Legacy. This quest requires you to decode of a treasure map to find the treasure chest. The map contains the location of a chest and a solution to solve a certain puzzle. You can find the Mysterious Map Fragment and the complete Cursed Tomb Treasure side quest by following the instructions in this walkthrough.

Fast-travel to the West Manor Cape Floo Flame. From the Floo Flame go straight up in the northeast direction until you see a reaper statue next to a few gravestones. Use Incendio to light up the torch in front of the statue to open a secret path to reach the basement. Defeat Ailsa Travers and other enemies before unlocking the chest in the room to get the Mysterious Map Fragment.

Use the Mysterious Map Fragment to find the treasure

Now arrives the decoding of the map. To be able to locate the location on the map you need to find the ‘X’ mark on the map. After you find the ‘X’ mark just as in the image shown below (for reference).

Location ‘X’ is situated between the two mountains and hidden by a waterfall. The only such place which has these characteristics is the “Tomb of Treachery” in the Poidsear Coast region. Use your broom to fly to the location then fly through the waterfall to reach the dungeon or fast-travel to the Tomb of Treachery Floo Flame point to reach the dungeon.

How to Unlock the Moths Door

Enter the Tomb of Treachery and continue to follow the path until a graveyard of bones is observed. Cast a fire spell to burn the spiderwebs covering the left passage, then move on to find a moth door. Kill all the spiders nearby. The moth door needs three moths to unlock in order to continue into the tomb. (Location of all three moths/butterflies is been shared with an image down below).

  • The first moth can be seen immediately on the right-hand side of the room. Use Lumos spell to guide the moth to the door.
  • While the second one is guarded by webs in the same room, which can be cleared using a fire spell.
  • The last moth is in the left-hand side area. Head inside and burn the webs that are obstructing the box. Then use “Accio” to drag the box under the tall platform. Cast “Levioso” to levitate and climb up to the tall platform. The moth is sitting in the corner of the room. Use Lumos to direct the moth back to the moth door.

After the Moth door has been opened, go through the door to enter the final room where your cursed tomb treasure would be available. Defeat the inferi and the floor puzzle will reveal on its own. You must perform Flipendo on the three blocks as indicated on the map. Flipendo Spell is used to flip the stoner. Cast Flipendo on the top center, bottom left, and bottom right blocks to unlock the Hogwarts Legacy Cursed Tomb puzzle.

After solving the puzzle a chest would appear that you can open to claim your treasure. The Cursed Tomb Treasure Side Quest in Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Legacy is now complete

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