Wanted: Whistleblowers Quest Guide in Goat Simulator 3

In this guide, we’re breaking down where you can find each whistleblower location to finish the quest Wanted: Whistleblowers in Goat Simulator 3.

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How to Accept Whistleblower Quest

To accept the Whistleblower quest, players will need to head over to the Police Department in the Downtown area of the map. There look for three Wanted posters in front of the station. The objective of this quest is to catch three Wanted people causing a disturbance by whistleblowing in public.

#1 Goldilocks Location

Goldilocks is the first whistleblower we’ll locate, and she’s very easy to find. Players can find Goldilocks standing next to two ATMs in front of the Wanted Posters. She is wearing a red suit. Grab and drag her into a jail cell inside the Police Station.

#2 Where to Find Tinker Bell

You can find Tinker Bell on the North side of this building, standing atop the stairs that run along the North side of it. Once again, drag this wanted to the Police Station and put him into a cell.

#3 Where to Find Big Bad Wolf

The Big Bad Wolf is on the North side of the city, on a building close to the dock filled with shipping containers.

On the street corner next to the dock’s road entrance you’ll see the corner building has scaffolding around it, and you can climb up and use a container with a blue tarp to bounce on top of the building.

The Big Bad Wolf is on top of the building, standing next to a water tower. This will be the final Whistleblower for you to drag back to the station.

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