all 5 Germa 66 dolls locations in One Piece Odyssey

This guide will help you to locate all 5 Germa Dolls to complete the side quest “My Treasure” in the game One Piece Odyssey, which was released on 13th Jan 2023. The main goal of this quest is to help a Crying Boy (NPC) in finding his 5 dolls in Water Seven City Area.

Where to find all 5 Germa 66 dolls

To find the Germa 66 dolls, talk to NPCs around the Water Seven City Area with a blue speech marker above their heads. This article will provide you with the location of each doll. You don’t need to fight with anyone in this quest.

#1 Doll

After accepting the quest from the crying boy, proceed to the left and speak with an NPC (Trembling Man). The NPC wears a White and Blue T-shirt. Talk to the trembling man and he’ll give you the first doll. Below is the location of all dolls location.

#2 Black Doll

Talk to the girl inside the money exchange on the southern side of the map. She will give you a black doll.

#3 Doll

Go to the eastern edge of the Water Seven City Area to find the third doll in the middle of the river. Walk downstairs to the river to start a cutscene and you will get the third doll.

#4 Doll

Go southeast of the city to find an old lady sitting on a bench by the fountain. Talk to the Serene Old Woman and she’ll give you the fourth doll.

#5 Doll

Go to the Dock in the city’s south, where you will find a Green Yagara. When you talk to him, he will want you to give him the Sazae Kancho Pescatore since he is hungry. Provide him with the recipe for Sazae Kancho Pescatore to obtain the last and final doll.

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