One Piece Odyssey: Waford South All Cube Fragment Locations

This guide will help you to find all cube location fragments of different characters in the area of Waford South in the game One Piece Odyssey.

Location of Sanji’s Cube

To start the quest, you have to find Sanji and Nami’s Cube Fragment here on the little part of the land that’s separated from the island. You will have to cross over each gap and find Sanji’s Cube Fragment behind the pillar.

Location of Nami’s Cube

Nami’s Cube Fragment, you will have to go to the end of the island. When you reach the spot, you will find a grave there. Behind the grave is Nami’s Cube Fragment.

Nami’s Cube Fragment

For the next Cube Fragment is once again Nami’s. This Cube Fragment can be found in a cave next to the large circular area in the middle. Go left from the middle of the camp area and look to the right side to find a small hole. When you approach it, you will be asked to switch to Chopper. Go inside and you should find Nami’s Cube Fragment.

Location of Luffy’s cube

The Luffy’s Cube Fragment can be found just south of the circular camping area in the middle. Go down the path until you reach a wide area. Stick to the left side of the area and you should find Luffy’s Cube Fragment next to a rock

Location of Chopper’s Cube

It is near the location of the last Cube Fragment, go up the area and go through the path that takes you to some ruins. Next to the entrance of the ruins is Chopper’s Cube Fragment.

Location of Sanji’s Cube:-

This next one is Sanji’s Cube Fragment, which is all the way on the other side of the map. There should be a path that leads you to a waterfall and at the base of the waterfall is Sanji’s Cube Fragment on a rock.

Location of Usopp’s Cube

After getting the last Cube Fragment, take the path back once again to the middle area of the forest. From there, head down until you see a large tree on the left side. Next to the tree is Usopp’s Cube Fragment on a rock.

Location of Zoro’s Cube

The last Cube Fragment can be found on the beach area at the bottom of the map. Head to the area and go to the palm tree on the side. Next to it, you will find Zoro’s Cube Fragment.

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